We are the Champions!


Co-Rec Championship Match-Up

Men’s Championship Game

See Ya!

After forcing Golden Pooh to punt with around two minutes remaining and down by eight See Ya started their drive around the 40. They made it all the way to the 1 yard line and threw a game ending interception in the end zone. Final score was 33-31

Women’s Championship Match-Up

Vanderbilt WNFL Vets advanced to the championship after beating Vanderbilt WNFL Young 25 – 13. UWF 2 Legit advanced to the championship game after defeating EKU Ride or Die 59 – 0. This game will take place at 1:30.

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Championship Time

All championship games will be played at 1:30 today, Sunday Nov. 21. The Men’s bracket is underway and already down to the final 8 teams. Teams to watch include: TTU Gold Pooh, UK See Ya, and LWC Blue Raiders. If these three teams win their games at 9:00 am, they will play at 11:30 am. The Women’s bracket is interesting at first glance, with the two WNFL teams playing each other. The winner of the WNFL Vets v WNFL Young will advance to the championship. So, if your smart, place your bet on a WNFL team being in the championship. Last, but certainly not least, the Co-Rec Division. EKU Ride or Die won their play in game against the College of Business and will now play the number one team, UW Whitewater IDK But They’re Good, at 11:30. The second 11:30 game for the Co-Rec Division will take place between the UK Bluegrass Bombthreats and the ETSU Llamas. All championship games are guaranteed to be great games, with competitive match-ups, so be sure to come check out the action at 1:30.